Synergein means working together, collaborate as a reliable partner for your business. We can collaborate to achieve your numerous business challenges by providing you with efficient and effective IT solutions, as well as the right people for the job. Each day we will collaborate to bring innovation and efficiency to your business.

About Us

About Company

Founded by renowned IT Leaders in the region with experience and talent to solve complex enterprise IT Challenges. Our commitment in providing you with the right combination of people and technology yields a perfect solution for your business needs. We can design and deliver the right IT solution for your business. We can provide you with the most efficient and effective staff to make sure that the job gets done properly, and on time. We guarantee your satisfaction through our reliable and efficient methodology.



We have a team of highly experienced professionals who are experts in the fields of Architecture, Information Technology, System Analysis, Programming, Business Management & Analysis, Project Management, Network Engineering, Process Engineering and System Engineering. Here at Synergein, we always encourage our staff to provide the highest level of service, bring out all their creative talents and form a strong bond with our clients.

Vision & Mission

At Synergein, our vision is to work together, collaborate as a reliable partner for your business.

Our mission at Synergein is to deliver success to our clients by collaboration. We help our clients by providing them with innovative and high-quality IT and business solutions and become their most trusted partner of choice. We are always here to collaborate with our client’s business growth, exceed their expectations and minimize every risks.

Core Values

As one of the major players in IT services, Synergein lives with values that guide us in every business engagement that we get involved with. In order to deliver top caliber services to our valued clients, we set ethical standards that drive and enable us to achieve our goals and meet our customer’s satisfaction.

As representatives of the company, our employees adhere to the values that build our identity – the identity that gave us the unique distinction from other IT firms. Synergein is very particular in adhering to the principles that make us the benchmark in the IT industry.

We are committed to every client that we deal with. Once we enter into a mutual agreement, it is inherent for us in committing to provide the highest level of service that our customer wants and deserves. As a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals, we commit our time and effort in providing you with outputs that exceeds your expectations and standards.
We have made a name in the industry established from the trust and confidence of the clients that we have dealt with. Your trust is of paramount importance to us. Thus, we do everything that we can to keep your trust and gain those of our potential customers.
We have clients dealing with highly confidential businesses. Synergein values loyalty very much. We are bound with secrecy and confidentiality in every consultancy services that we do. You can be assured that all of your trade secrets company valued information will remain privy and for only to those who needed to know.
We maintain our stature in the industry as one of the most trusted company. Thus, we are driven to keep our strong moral principles that allows us to provide superb customer experience to our clients.
Our Leadership Team

At Synergein we have leadership Team that has worked together for number of years. The leadership team is battled hardened and known to deliver some of the most complex IT solutions in the region.

Jaffer Brings over two decades of IT Industry experience to the GCC Region. He has extensive leadership experience in managing Government Enterprises. Well, known personality in Enterprise Applications Management and Rationalizations.

Jaffer Sathik

Founder & CEO

Qaisar has over 2 decades of experience in designing, implementing and managing Complex Solutions / Architecture. He is well versed in Translating Customer Requirements / Vision into Operational Solutions.

Muhammad Qaisar

Chief Technology Officer

Imran is young and dynamic businessman. He has strong experience in managing client relationships and complex financial transactions. He is expert in commercial strategy and the development of an organization which is evident from number of successful ventures he has delivered.

Imran Khan

Chief Commercial Officer