Synergein means working together, collaborate as a reliable partner for your business. We can collaborate to achieve your numerous business challenges by providing you with efficient and effective IT solutions, as well as the right people for the job. Each day we will collaborate to bring innovation and efficiency to your business.

Staffing Services

Staffing Services

Synergein is your most reliable partner in getting the right people with the best skills and talent for your business at the right time and at an exceptionally good price.


1. Your business would never be overstaffed or understaffed at any given time because we can provide greater workforce flexibility during busy and slow periods.
2. If you have a large business, we can provide additional support workforce. We are confident that we can meet all your resource needs when it comes to staffing and work force.
3. You don’t need to worry about anything because we cover all insurance, as well as the worker’s compensation, liability and unemployment. We also pay and fulfill all government fees and requirements whether local or federal.
4. By using our Staffing service, your business can save money on administrative costs. We can eliminate the time and cost for interviews, job advertising, end of services, medical insurance, sick days and vacation time.


1. Synergein has a very dedicated and professional recruitment team complete with back-office support teams.
2. The staffing process starts when the client sends their requirements for staffing. We will review and assess the requirements and assign Technology SME for the client’s requirement.
3. The second phase of the process is our Screening and Evaluation stage. Our SMC will evaluate the candidates using our Incubator, Database and Referral tools. Multiple interviews will be conducted to assess the candidate based on credentials, verbal communication, professionalism and career goals. We will request referrals and have them validated. The results will be scored and prepared for the next phase.
4. The third phase is the Selection process. We will choose the top 3 candidates and present them to the clients. Clients will conduct their own interview. If no candidates are selected, the cycle is repeated once again. When selection is finished, we can start with the legal process.
5. The last phase is the Monitoring stage where we will conduct regular performance reviews, surveys, attendance monitoring and resource coaching.